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Internships, Externships & 合作社

Center for Career and Civic Engagement Internships, Externships & 合作社

Internships, Externships & 合作社

Internships are carefully monitored work or volunteer experiences where an individual has intentional learning goals and reflects actively on what he or she is learning throughout the experience. It is temporary work that provides on-the-job training and practical experience. Internships usually last one semester but can be longer or shorter. Some are paid positions and others can earn academic credit. 学生 can intern in almost any area of study in any part of the country or abroad.  Internships help students get their foot in the door for their first full-time permanent position. Employers use internships as a way to gain a first look at prospective employees.

At Moravian University academic credit can be granted if the experience is completed under the supervision of a faculty supervisor and an on-site supervisor at the sponsoring organization. 

Don’t forget to keep working on your career toolkit!  There are many ways to build your skills and get you career ready!

  • Consider completing a freelance project, side project, or micro internship!  Check out Parker Dewey for more information on micro internships.
  • Build skills and make a difference through volunteering!  
  • Learn more about industries of interest through informational interviews or job shadowing.  联系 for more information.

Internship Stipends

Sponsored by local corporate partners or Moravian University alumni, internship stipends provide compensation to selected students completing an internship during their time at Moravian. 这些2美元,500 (pre-tax) stipends are intended to engage students in the community by completing an internship in their desired field. 

Internships often come with real-world hours—but not real-world compensation. Stipends can help with that. 

Career Connections Externship Program

Externships provide Moravian University students the opportunity to connect with a professional in their area of interest. This program is designed to help students make educated career decisions relating to majors, job functions and industries. This program also allows students the opportunity to experience an organization first-hand through short-term job shadowing and employer site visits, therefore allowing them to make educated decisions when later selecting an industry for future employment.  

Externships typically take place during Winter Break. In the fall semester, students can register for the program and review the sites available. Once matched with a site, students attend a preparatory information session and learn about how to connect with their site host. 

For more information and details on registration, email


Justin Vatti

Justin Vatti ’20

For political science major Justin Vatti ’20, an internship with United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley (UWGLV) meant an opportunity to pursue his interest in policies and procedures that help his community.