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Andrew W. Hart ’90, P’23

Campaign Chair

"I can think of no better way of fulfilling this commitment than by actively supporting current and future Moravian students by lighting the way."

Campaign Letter

Dear fellow alumni, parents, and friends of Moravian University and Theological Seminary,

Moravian University and Theological Seminary is on the precipice of an exciting time. We have officially entered the public phase of a $75 million comprehensive campaign called Lighting the Way. The name and ambitious goals of the campaign derive from the progressive teachings of John Amos Comenius. Regarded as the father of modern education, Comenius encouraged teachers to be a guiding light for their students. Through Lighting the Way, Moravian University and Theological Seminary aims to commit $75 million to financial aid, resource support, and state-of-the-art facilities for our students today and generations of tomorrow. With your help, we can make the most of this opportunity.

Moravian has been an important part of my life through roles as a student, athlete, alumnus, vice chair of the Board of Trustees, and chair of this comprehensive campaign.  However, my most important and rewarding role has been, along with my wife Elinor ’91, parent to three amazing children, the third of which is now enrolled at Moravian University. The success of Moravian and our students is important to us. I can think of no better way of fulfilling this commitment than by actively supporting current and future Moravian students by lighting their way.

Over the past four years, the campaign committee has been working through the quiet phase of this initiative, which will benefit current students, alumni, and faculty across the university and seminary and continue to serve the Moravian community well into the future. The campaign has three ambitious goals:

 By Lighting the Way for Our Students, we focus heavily on funding scholarships and endowments to ease financial burdens. Every Moravian student receives financial assistance to pursue their education. Private support from alumni, parents, and friends makes this gift of scholarship to our students possible. It empowers them to succeed in the classroom, on the field, in extracurricular activities, and in their communities.

In Lighting the Way for Their Future, Moravian has always provided invaluable experiences to our students to allow them to truly shine. We match our students with the best internships, productive field experiences, and exciting research projects to provide career-relevant, experiential learning. These opportunities cultivate leadership and teamwork skills that will serve our students beyond their classrooms and athletic competitions and into the global landscape. This campaign will allow more students to participate in these experiences.

 We will continue Lighting the Way for the Next Generation by expanding and enhancing our campus to provide world-class instruction in state-of-the-art facilities. The Moravian campus makes a statement about who we are, what we value, and where we are going. Continuing to develop a campus core will advance our mission and promote dynamic interaction among students, faculty, and the wider community for decades.

Just as Comenius passed his light on to us, in lighting the way we will provide the lessons, spaces, and tools for our students to grow and prepare for reflective lives, fulfilling careers, and transformative leadership—instilling light within them that they too shall pass on to others. Please join us in lighting the way for Moravian University and Theological Seminary.


Andrew W. Hart ’90, P’23
Chair, Campaign Committee
Vice Chair, University Board