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Undergraduate Research


Undergraduate Research

Undergraduate conferences, the Honors Program, and SOAR (Student Opportunities for Academic Research) allow students to delve deeply into areas of personal interest. Such programs also give students the chance to work closely on research projects with senior faculty members—an unusual opportunity at the undergraduate level.

Honors Program

The Honors Program at Moravian University offers Seniors of proven ability the opportunity to pursue a year-long study of special interest under the personal guidance of a faculty member who serves as the Honors Project Advisor. While Honors students usually choose a topic in their major, they may select another academic area or even a combination of areas. Honors study is invaluable preparation for graduate school and the professional world. Honors students should devote at least one-fourth of their academic activity to their projects.

SOAR (Student Opportunities for Academic Research)

SOAR is a Moravian University program which provides stipends, travel allowances, and research expenses to support students, in any discipline, who are engaged in scholarly or creative activity with faculty members. Since scholarship takes different forms in different disciplines, SOAR is designed to be as general and inclusive as possible.

Undergraduate Conferences

Participation in undergraduate conferences is another valuable learning experience for students at Moravian. The College hosts or participates in a number of conferences that showcase student scholarship and creative work.